Download FIFA 11 for PC for free
Links below

Step 1

Make sure you have downloaded both Daemon tools and utorrent before downloading FIFA 11. After you click on the download link for FIFA 11, its going to open it up with utorrent. Click on the utorrent icon on your taskbar and then click on the tab downloading and you should see your downloading progress. The download will take a long time since the file is 6 gb, but it's worth the wait, trust me. 

Step 2

After your download is finished, click on the completed tab in utorrent. Right click on the file and click on "open containing folder". Then, drag "rld-fi11" file from that folder on to your desktop.

 Step 3 

Open up daemon-tools and it should appear on the task bar. Right click on the icon, go on "virtual devices > select a device > "Mount Image..". Now browse to your desktop, and open "rld-fi11.iso"

Step 4

Now right click and open FIFA 11 in your local drive. Go to the "crack" folder and open "rld-fi11.exe" and a keygen should open. Click on generate and copy the code. Now all you have to do is open FIFA 11, and paste your code during the installation setup.

Step 5 

After you are done installing. Once again go to the "crack" folder and this time copy "fifa.exe" and paste it in to your FIFA 11 directory, "Program Files> EA Sports> FIFA 11> Game." ENJOY YOUR FREE GAME!!